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Official Announcement of Getein Animal Medical Technology Co., LTD
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January 2022

Official Announcement!

Right at the beginning of 2022, Getein Biotech officially announced its entry into the veterinary diagnostic market. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Getein Animal Medical Technology Co., LTD (Getein Animal), released its new products on January 1, 2022, looking for partners in the veterinary diagnostic field.


Getein Animal Medical Technology Co., LTD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Getein Biotech, Inc. (SSE stock code: 603387), established in December 2021, focusing on the IVD instruments and reagents solutions for pets. It is committed to sticking to high-quality, fast, accurate and highly sensitive diagnostic technologies, letting human’s four-leg friends enjoy the equally high-quality healthcare as human.


Founded in 2002, Getein Biotech, Inc. is a medical and healthcare company integrating independent innovation and R&D, large-scale production and specialized marketing, with numerous subsidiaries and offices in China and overseas. The company was listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange in July 2017, and is the first domestic company in the field of POCT listed on the main board. The company has a professional R&D center for diagnostic products and has established 10 technical platforms including point-of-care testing, chemiluminescence immunoassay, clinical chemistry, hematology, molecular diagnostics, etc. Getein has rich experience in market and distribution management, providing perfect and professional services for our distributors and customers.


Backed by Getein Biotech, Inc. and some other partner companies’ R&D and manufacture systems, Getein Animal currently possesses five major technology platforms in the pet diagnostic business, including hematology, dry clinical chemistry, colloidal gold, immunofluorescence and molecular diagnostics. Facing the current situation and needs of pet medical market, we are dedicated to accelerating the development of the pet diagnostic industry.



With the aging process of the Chinese society, our family structure is changing with increasing empty nesters and DINK families. More and more families choose to keep a pet and treat their pets as family members due to their strong emotional needs. It is expected that the number of pets kept in China will continuously grow at around 10% compound annual growth rate in the coming years.

Along with this trend, the importance of pets in the minds of pet owners as well as social attention has also changed qualitatively, largely promoting the upgrade of consumption concepts and pushing the development of the pet economy towards the direction of specialization and refinement. As an important part of pet medical treatment, pet diagnosis requires a higher degree of specialization and is in line with the development direction of human medical testing of simple operation, fast testing, accurate results, high precision and high sensitivity.


Getein Biotech and its multiple POCT platforms have 20 years of experience and is well validated by the market. Its continuous upgrading of testing equipment and testing reagents shall greatly contribute to the development of rapid pet diagnostic testing.

Getein Animal adheres to the concept that all lives are equal and endeavors to provide high quality health care for all companion pets, letting all pet owners feel more the ease of pet companion.

Leave your message here should you be interested by any of our product offerings, we will get back to you in minimal delay.