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【ADLM/AACC 2023】Showcase Snapshot!
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July 2023

【ADLM/AACC 2023】Showcase Snapshot!




The beautiful exhibition experience is embedded in the continuous excavation of the POCT industry. In the continuous innovation, we lead people to feel a better health future within their reach.





Welcome to our booth!#4320





As the China's leading company of POCT, we showcased our newly developed high-performance analyzers at the show. These analyzers not only provide excellent precision and reliability, but also offer fast and accurate detection capabilities that can help medical professionals to better diagnose and treat patients.




Our booth was bustling with activity and attracted the attention of many audiences. They showed great interest in our analyzers and had in-depth understanding and discussion on our products' performance and functions.



During the exhibition, our team actively interacted with visitors, answered their questions and provided detailed product demonstrations. Our analyzer display not only demonstrats our technological prowess, but also our commitment and contribution to the healthcare industry.




The excitement of the show continues! 

Leave your message here should you be interested by any of our product offerings, we will get back to you in minimal delay.