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Cardiac Diagnostics Solution
Cardiac Diagnostics Solution
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April 2022

A review of the total global burden and trends in cardiovascular disease over the past 30 years shows that the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease (CVD) is steadily increasing. Global trends in total CVD have significant implications for clinical practice and public health policy development. CVD is the leading cause of death worldwide and contributes to disability and rising healthcare costs.


Getein Cardiac Diagnostics Solution:



D-Dimer is one of the degradation products of cross-linking fibrin. Blood clots generally start to slowly break down after they are formed, and this process releases D-dimer into the blood. The increase in D-Dimer reflects increased coagulation and fibrinolytic activity in the body.  It is therefore an indicator of both the presence or persistence of thrombus formation and secondary hyperfibrinolysis in the body. The strength of the D-dimer test is that it can be used in a hospital emergency room setting to determine the likelihood of a clot's presence.





NT-proBNP is a non-active prohormone that is released from the same molecule that produces BNP.

The concentration of NT-proBNP correlates significantly with cardiac function class and left ventricular ejection fraction, and is one of the most sensitive and specific biological indicators of cardiac dysfunction. In clinical practice, NT-proBNP is commonly used in the diagnostic evaluation of heart failure and in the early screening of cardiac function in high-risk patients.




Troponin I (cTnI), CK-MB and Myoglobin (Myo) each have their irreplaceable value in diagnosing acute heart attacks. cTnI has the best sensitivity and specificity but appears later in the blood. CK-MB appears in the blood at a similar time to cTnI but has a shorter half-life and can be used to detect secondary infarction. Myo is the only marker used for early diagnosis (< 2 hours). The triple test is more valuable than cTnI, CK-MB, or Myo alone.



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