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Talent Development


We appreciate and value each person who chooses to join Getein and thank you for selecting us out of the thousands of job opportunities available. We cherish the trust you have placed in us.

At Getein, we have a philosophy of nurturing people after hiring them. We have established comprehensive development programmes for each key point in each individual's career path in our workforce. These programmes are designed to empower individuals for short-term advancement, medium-term growth and long-term development planning.

We strictly implement relevant national and local labour laws and regulations to protect the rights and interests of employees, and our company has set up a trade union system to create harmonious labour relations.

Getein focuses on improving the business capabilities of our employees and creates high-quality internal training courses around various business scenarios. We have selected quality external teachers and designed special training programmes with care to help our staff grow every step of the way and achieve the company's strategic goals.

Getein has also established a professional expert support team consisting of senior industry experts, university professors and our team of experts. Through special training and technical guidance, the staff will continue to improve in their respective fields.

Our company provides a good learning environment for our staff, with sufficient offline and practical training rooms. Each classroom and training room is carefully designed and equipped with professional and advanced learning aids to meet the needs of various training formats.

Getein relies on an information-based learning platform to provide its employees with six thematic online learning series courses to study and improve at any time.

We set up a local post-doctoral workstation and, over the years, have jointly trained many post-doctoral talents with universities. As an internship base certified by the Nanjing government, Getein has been attracting graduates from local universities and hiring outstanding graduates from other provinces and cities for many years. It has made a significant contribution to the stability of local employment and the introduction of exceptional talents.

We will not let every talent down, as we understand the importance of talent to the development of our company. In the future, we will also launch more recruitment programmes overseas to attract a wide range of global talents to join us and write the future of Getein together.


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