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【Medlab Asia 2023】Can't wait to meet you in Thailand!
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August 2023

Medlab Asia 2023】



Can't wait to meet you in Thailand!





01. Getein's Invitation





From August 16-18, 2023, Medlab Asia & Asia Health will be held in Bangkok, Thailand. As the biggest exhibition in Thailand, Medlab Asia radiates to many Asian countries, integrating academic and business. It is a feast that gathers cutting-edge technology and research results, and it is also the second time for Getein to participate in it!


Here, we will have the opportunity to share our experiences, exchange best practices, and deeply explore the future development trend of medical technology with industry leaders, experts and counterparts. Whether you are a healthcare practitioner, academic researcher, or a visitor with a keen interest in medical technology, this is an event not to be missed!


02. Welcome to Our Booth





In this exhibition, Getein Biotech will bring the ace products of POCT, biochemistry, chemiluminescence and animal diagnostics to the world audience at Booth H6.A28, and show the frontier technological power of Getein to the world with enthusiastic attitude and professional ability.


We are honored to bring a series of amazing products to this exhibition: POCT, Clinical Chemistry, CLIA, Animal Diagnostics... Various kinds of analyzers are waiting for you to visit and learn about them!


Especially worth mentioning is that the MAGICL 6000 is once again on display! As the focus and the main treasure of Getein's exhibition, MAGICL 6000 has won the trust and support of users with its excellent performance in terms of fast and accurate test results and easy-to-use operation.




03. The Ace Products: get a first look!





Let's embark on the journey of medical science and technology together and explore the uncharted territory of breakthroughs and innovations. Welcome to visit our booth and witness the splendor of the medical field with us!


Leave your message here should you be interested by any of our product offerings, we will get back to you in minimal delay.