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Four Exhibitions Aligned, Getein's Grand Show Vision Defined!
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May 2023

Four Exhibitions Aligned, Getein's Grand Show Vision Defined!

May Exhibition Highlight Review

In this May, Getein Biotech made a wonderful appearance in overseas exhibitions, respectively participating in local events in Vietnam, Italy, Brazil, and Bangladesh. From May 10th to 27th, Getein brought our most cutting-edge technologies and solutions to the world audience in the four major exhibitions, showcasing the unprecedented technological innovation power of Getein Biotech to the world.

Live Coverage of the Exhibition Site

With three major continents and four exhibitions, affecting to over 20 countries and regions worldwide, Getein displayed its intelligent research, precision inspection, and technological strength to the world audience, leaving the exhibitors with an unparalleled technological impact.

1. Vietnam MEDI-PHARM 2023

Vietnam MEDI-PHARM 2023, as the most influential and professional exhibition in Vietnam, attracted countless scholars and customers to learn about the products of Getein on site.

2. Italy EUROMEDLAB 2023

Worldlab-Euromedlab 2023, jointly organized by IFCC, EFLM and SIBioC, is the largest academic conference on laboratory medicine in Europe. The conference gathered the world's top medical experts and technical forces, attracting more than 5,000 delegates from more than 100 countries to attend the conference.


At our booth, our star products attracted a large number of industry insiders to stop by. Our professional team exchanged professional knowledge and products with experts and scholars from all over the world, colliding ideas in communication and bursting out new ideas. The experts and scholars' affirmation of our products has given us more confidence in our future development in the European market, and we will continue to "Pursue Excellence, Deliver Health" with our original intention, and strive to become an internationally competitive enterprise with innovation as the driving force for development.

3. Brazil Hospitalar 2023

At Hospitalar 2023 in vibrant Brazil, we have received enthusiastic attention. Countless visitors have stopped by to learn about our product solutions, while our sales team has sincerely introduced them to more people.

4. Bangladesh MEDITEX 2023


At the site of Meditex, Getein Biotech held a new product launch ceremony for MAGICL 6000 in Bangladesh on the 27th. The site was crowded and lively, and the visitors were interested in Getein Biotech's heavyweight star product. At the same time, our ace product Getein 1160 also attracted a lot of people's attention.

In addition, the event also organized an award ceremony to pay tribute to the major dealers we work closely with and to express our greatest gratitude to them for their trust and support as always!

The atmosphere was even more enthusiastic in the subsequent lucky draw session. Whenever someone won the prize, the scene would resound with cheers and applause, and the lucky winners had happy smiles on their faces, and people around them were happy for them!

Presenting Our Flagship Products

Getein Biotech highly values the promotion of international markets and has made sufficient preparations for the four major trade shows to showcase our innovative targets. Whether it's the display of our POCT series of flagship products or the promotion of new heavyweights, each demonstration showcases the professional attitude and passionate spirit of Getein Biotech team.

As one of the leaders in China's IVD industry, Getein Biotech adheres to the corporate philosophy of "Pursure Excellence, Deliver Health", and is always committed to providing excellent products and services for human health and well-being.

1. ACE Product MAGICL 6000

MAGICL 6000, our superstar product, with its high performance, high throughput, and beautiful appearance attracted attention once again. With the ability to fulfill the demand for whole blood testing while having high automation functionality, it provides additional laboratory support!

2. “Ace Quality“ POCT Series

The POCT product series offers a range of products that includes handheld and desktop versions, semi-automatic to fully automatic, for use in clinics and laboratories. Our comprehensive product line provides customers with full solutions that meet their needs in different conditions and situations.

Adhering to our consistent professional attitude and innovative spirit, Getein Biotech will continue to use comprehensive products and services to safeguard human health and well-being in the future!

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