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Our company attaches great importance to industrial investment and M&A integration. With IVD as the main line of business, we are strengthening external cooperation and business expansion around the company's development strategy. While maintaining the advantages of the POCT business, we developed Chemiluminescence, Clinical Chemistry and Hematology Analyzer as well.

Through independent innovation and M&A, Getein will gradually become involved in other IVD fields such as urine testing, coagulation products, microbial testing, molecular diagnosis, veterinary diagnosis and gene sequencing. We will strive to build the company into a first-class IVD manufacturer.


Investment direction

1. Identify outstanding companies in IVD, advanced medical devices and laboratory automation, then establish deep cooperation with them. 

2. Collaborate with regions where the medical device industry is well developed and leverage our strengths to serve local public health.


M&A direction

1. Supplement the company's product line. Make full use of the system already established by the company to form synergy and scale effect.

2. In-depth cooperation with medical testing institutions. Provide comprehensive, automated and intelligent products and services for medical institutions, so that we can increase satisfaction and create more value for our deep-pocketed customers.


Getein, while maintaining rapid progress, combines investment and financing with industrial development to further grasp various opportunities. We will use various commercial means such as M&A, cooperation and integration to seek subject assets with good synergy with our IVD business. So that we would promote effective cooperation of industrial resources. In the future, we will also develop the latest expertise and hire more talented people to achieve expansion of our products, technology and industry chain.

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