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Modular System Solution
Modular System Solution
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September 2023


We provide modular system solution of Metis 6000 for large-size laboratories !


Metis 6000 Integrated Clinical Chemistry and Immunochemistry Modular System is a Modular System independently developed and produced by Getein Biotech, which is in accordance with the national conditions and more suitable for the majority of medical testing laboratories and can meet the needs of clinical laboratories for automation and intelligent solutions. Laboratory for automation, informatization, and innovative solution needs.

It integrates MAGICL 6200 Immunochemistry Module (stand-alone 400 T/h) and CM-1000 Clinical Chemistry Module (stand-alone constant speed 1000 T/h, ISE 400 T/h), equipped with SH 80 Sample Supply Track Unit and SHC 200 Automatic Pre-analytical System, occupies a small space. The dual module requires only 2.6m2 and provides customers with a more cost-effective menu of more than 180 self-generated chemistries and immunological reagents, which can be widely used in laboratories with different throughputs.


Product Detail


Metis 6000 Modular System

(Integrated Clinical Chemistry and Immunochemistry)

Unlock Efficiency, Optimize Space



Immunochemistry module MAGICL 6200: up to 400 T/H

Clinical chemistry module CM-1000: 1000 T/H

SHC 200 pre-analytical module (optional): 190 tubes/H


3 operating racks (regular/emergency/return): editable detection sequence with a transfer speed of 500 samples/H, striving for more treatment time

Optional SHC 200 module: automated centrifuge & decapper module

Humanized software system: real-time monitoring of each progress


Dumpable addition of reaction cups up to a maximum capacity of 2,000 without manual alignment

Dual combination system with a footprint of only 2.6㎡, increasing 1㎡ by upgrading with SHC 200 module o any clinical chemistry/immunochemistry module


Enable the combination and collaboration of 1~4 clinical chemistry o immunochemistry modules

Optional ISE and pre-analytical modules





Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer

(For Metis 6000 Modular System)

Highly efficient sample processing, with a throughput of up to 400 T/H

30 reagent positions, with intelligent reagent loading technology, reagents can be loaded/replaced at any time
Dynamic detection of reagent status using RFID technology

Equipped with liquid level detection and empty suction detection function, automatic cleaning of both inner and out surface of sample /reagent probe

Separate emergency track, supporting emergency priority insertion function

Supports different types of tubes when loading samples
Automatic recognition of sample height, tube cap, etc.





Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

(For Metis 6000 Modular System)

Constant throughput: 1000 T/H, optional ISE module throughput with 400 T/H.

Double-row cleaning design: 8-step washing,more thorough cleaning.

270 cuvettes in total, 135 cuvettes for both of the inner and outer trays.

Liquid level detection and empty suction detection.

61 test items can be detected simultaneously.


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