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Getein—Aims to Establish a Localized Reference Range for hs-cTn
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April 2023

2023 National Congress of Laboratory Medicine

Multicentre Study Launch Meeting

Conference Overview

The 17th National Congress of Laboratory Medicine was held at the Changsha International Conference Centre from 30 March to 1 April. On March 31, 11:55-12:45 pm, a Multi-Site Initiation Visit on the Reference Interval of hs-cTn Concentration in Peripheral Blood of an Apparently Healthy Population was successfully held in venue 06A, initiated by the Beijing Association of Precision Medicine, with the support of Getein Biotech and the participation of more than 10 hospitals which are specializing in cardiovascular diseases and large triple-A hospitals in China, including FuWai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

Why cTn

Cardiac troponin (cTn) is a regulatory protein unique to myocardial tissue and is not expressed in any skeletal muscle. It is one of the most sensitive and specific serum markers of myocardial cell injury, with the advantages of a clear diagnostic threshold, wide window period, and rapid detection, cTn has become one of the main biochemical criteria recommended by experts at home and abroad for patients with acute chest pain or dyspnea.[1]


This SIV aims to establish a reference range of high-sensitivity troponin I and high-sensitivity troponin T for healthy adults in China based on big data. We hope that all experts will contribute their ideas and strict quality requirements to promote localized data research on applying high-sensitivity troponin.


Conference Presentations


Professor Zhou Zhou, Director of the Cardiovascular Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and Vice Chairman of the Beijing Association of Precision Medicine, addressed the launch event. Professor Zhou pointed out:" In the process of promoting and popularizing troponin, it is crucial to establish its reference range. This study is designed to make up for the lack of studies about standards for the Chinese in troponin. By exploring the reference range of high-sensitivity troponin for the Chinese, we can establish a clinical diagnosis pathway of high-sensitivity troponin for them based on domestic testing systems and provide more reliable local data for clinical application."


Zhou Houqing, Director of the Department of Clinical Laboratory, Shenzhen Branch of FuWai Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, spoke as the representative leader of the Multi-Site Initiation Visit. He pointed out:" Troponin testing has not yet been able to be standardized, and studies have shown that there are significant differences in the reference range for cardiac markers across different regions and populations. Also it is not advisable to simply quote directly from the manufacturer's reference intervals for healthy people derived from foreign data."

Conference Summary

In the speech of Dr. Su Enben, Chairman and General Manager of Getein Biotech, he said that while adhering to R&D innovation as the core driver, Getein also attaches great importance to the role of academic research and cooperation in promoting the industry. It is hoped that the holding of this conference and the launch of the Multi-Site Initiation Visit can better strengthen the communication and cooperation with experts, jointly carry out front clinical research and promote the integrated development of the Academy-Industry.  Getein Biotech is responsible and obligated to contribute to constructing and standardizing the experimental diagnostic platform for cardiovascular diseases in China.


[1]: (Souce: 2021 AHA/ACC/ASE/CHEST/SAEM/ SCCT/SCMR Guideline for the Evaluation and Diagnosis of Chest Pain: Executive Summary; Expert consensus on combined detection of cardiovascular markers in emergency chest pain 2022)




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