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【MEDICA 2023】Pursuing Passion, Radiating Innovation
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November 2023

【MEDICA 2023】Pursuing Passion, Radiating Innovation


01. Welcome to 2023 MEDICA!




MEDICA is widely recognized as the largest and most influential hospital and medical equipment exhibition in the world, and is unique in the world of medical exhibitions for its scale and outstanding influence. An exciting event where attendees can share the latest technological innovations, medical research findings and best practices, and discuss future trends in the industry, MEDICA's impact and value lies in the fact that it provides an invaluable opportunity for the global healthcare community to foster cross-border collaboration and knowledge exchange, and to drive advancement and innovation in the field of healthcare.


As an exhibitor from China, Getein Biotech shows its advanced technology to the world, and let more and more people know the great technology of Getein Biotech.


02. During the exhibition, the excitement continues 


As a leader in the industry, Getein Biotech has not only made impressive achievements in the medical field, but also plays an important role in driving innovation in medical technology. During the exhibition, visitors and exhibitors from all over the world met us at booth 1D63, and our exhibition team received a large number of visitors with professional competence and warm attitude.



To add to the fun of the show, we also organised an exciting lucky draw at our booth. Whenever the participants won exquisite gifts, they were elated and the atmosphere became more and more enthusiastic and joyful. This atmosphere of joy and excitement infected the whole exhibition site, making everyone feel the pleasure and surprise brought by our products and brand.


03. A glance of our products

Getein's new star, Metis 6000, made its debut in foreign exhibitions. Its unique modular combination design not only saves valuable lab space, but also provides highly efficient chemical and immunoassay capabilities. This flexible design makes Metis 6000 ideal for medical laboratories, providing professionals with a more convenient and efficient working environment.


Visitors showed great interest in the features and performance of the Metis 6000, recognising that it will bring significant improvements and benefits to their laboratory work.


Many visitors were attracted by our demonstration of the MAGICL 6000, a chemiluminescent immunoassay analyzer that offers a number of significant advantages, including a compact structural design, space-saving features, and high throughput of up to 150T/H and a high level of automation.

Our team members were able to provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of the instrument's advantages through a comprehensive presentation that sparked their interest.


In addition, we carried an impressive range of products at the show. These included the modular system Metis 600, which is capable of efficiently processing large volumes of samples; the hematology analyzer BHA-5000, which provides a reliable solution for blood analysis; and the POCT products, Getein 1160 and Getein 208, which provide accurate and reliable results for rapid diagnostics. We are also showcasing our animal products such as the GN 7000 VET and many more.



By participating in MEDICA, Getein was able to demonstrate its excellent R&D strength and innovation capability, and set an energetic and leading example for the global medical industry. We are committed to the original spirit of "Pursue Excellence and Deliver Health", and will continue to work hard to bring more innovations and breakthroughs to the medical industry.

Join us at our booth for an unforgettable experience! We warmly welcome everyone to visit and explore our booth. 


Pursue Excellence, Deliver Health

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