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【London Vet Show 2023】Nurturing Life, Safeguarding Health
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November 2023

【London Vet Show 2023】Nurturing Life, Safeguarding Health



Welcome to our booth!


The exhilarating 2023 London Vet Show in the United Kingdom has successfully concluded! It was a grand gathering in the field of veterinary medicine.

During the exhibition, we came together with animal medical experts and practitioners from around the world, sharing the latest medical advancements and key breakthroughs. This unique platform provided us with extensive insights and profound expertise, igniting our passion for dedicating ourselves to the well-being of animals.

The exhibition showcased numerous innovative technologies and treatment solutions in the field of animal medicine. From advanced diagnostic equipment to efficient surgical techniques, each exhibit represented a sincere concern for animal lives and the continuous progress within the field of veterinary medicine.

At the London Vet Show, Getein came to this modern land and brought POCT, haematology and molecular diagnosis  products for veterinary, such as Getein 1100 vet, Getein 1160 vet, BHA-3000 vet, BHA-5000 vet, GN 7000 vet to the exhibition. 

The staffs of Getein on the spot explained the excellent products to the visitors in detail with their enthusiastic attitudes and professional abilities, and showed the cutting-edge technological power of Getein to the world.



ACE products on show

Molecular Diagnosis--GN 7000 Vet Akso PCR system

PCR technology is used to detect pathogens at the genetic level, and to replicate and amplify low content nucleic acid fragments, which has higher sensitivity and specificity. Getein Animal focuses on the veterinary diagnosis and develops products suitable for pet hospitals.

GN 7000 Vet is a compact and fully automated PCR lab that integrates nucleic acid release, PCR amplification, Real-Time detection and result analysis, providing your pets with a one-step POCT solution for nucleic acid detection.



 Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer--Getein 1100 vet 


Getein 1100 Vet Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer is a compact and accurate POCT analyzer that can be used as a reliable aid in clinical diagnostics for pets. With its high-quality testing results and instant testing as fast as 3 min, we are dedicated to provide better care  for your beloved pets.



 Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer--Getein 1160 vet


Getein 1160 Vet Immunofluorescence Quantitative Analyzer, which has has 4 incubation +1 emergency channels for simultaneous testing of multiple items and a constant temperature at 32℃ to ensure accurate test resultes, aids in detection for inflammation, cardiac, immune antibody, endocrine and infectious diseases, etc. in canines and felines to provide attentive care for your loving pets



Hematology--BHA 3000 vet (3-part differential)  、BHA 5000 vet(5-part differential)


5-part Differential with 23 Parameters, 3-part Differential with 21 Parameters

High Efficiency: 60 T/H

Supporting Blood Test for 7 Species of Animal + 2 Self-programmed Animals


Clinical Chemistry--CM 50 vet

CM 50 Vet clinical chemistry analyzer enables rapid and accurate assessment of clinical chemical parameters within animals, aiding veterinarians in gaining a better understanding of their patients' health conditions.

But that's not all, CM 50 Vet also boasts a user-friendly interface and intelligent operation, making it more convenient and efficient to use. It is widely applicable to various scenarios, providing veterinarians with comprehensive testing support.

By utilizing CM 50 Vet , veterinarians can detect potential health issues at an earlier stage and offer more precise diagnoses and treatment plans, ensuring the well-being and happiness of pets. Whether it's for routine care or disease diagnosis, CM 50 is always your most trustworthy companion

Although the exhibition has come to an end, our mission and responsibility do not cease. Getein is dedicated to driving innovation and development in the field of animal healthcare, striving to protect and improve animal lives. Thank you all for your support and participation! We look forward to our next gathering!  

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