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  • Making Modular System Accessible to More Labs - Metis 6000 Fulfills Your Needs
    Making Modular System Accessible to More Labs - Metis 6000 Fulfills Your Needs
    Making Modular System Accessible to More Labs -- Metis 6000 Fulfills Your Needs       Metis 6000 Integrated Clinical Chemistry and Immunochemistry Modular System is a Modular System independently developed and produced by Getein Biotech, which is in accordance with the national conditions and more suitable for the majority of medical testing laboratories and can meet the needs of clinical laboratories for automation and intelligent solutions. Laboratory for automation, informatization, and innovative solution needs.     (Metis 6000 photo)   It integrates MAGICL 6200 Immunochemistry Module (stand-alone 400 T/h) and CM-1000 Clinical Chemistry Module (stand-alone constant speed 1000 T/h, ISE 400 T/h), equipped with SH 80 Sample Supply Track Unit and SHC 200 Automatic Pre-analytical System, occupies a small space. The dual module requires only 2.6m2 and provides customers with a more cost-effective menu of more than 180 self-generated chemistries and immunological reagents, which can be widely used in laboratories with different throughputs.       With excellent product quality, unique market positioning, and excellent value for money, Getein 's Metis 6000 Integrated Clinical Chemistry and Immunochemistry Modular System has been widely recognized by customers and is currently in full swing in China. Metis 6000 Integrated Clinical Chemistry and Immunochemistry Modular System has won good market feedback for the company by virtue of its excellent product quality and higher cost-effectiveness. In the future, Getein will further develop overseas modular system market and promote the layout of modular system series products, so that this product can benefit more medical laboratories at home and abroad, and contribute to the cause of human health!         This November, Getein will bring the Metis 6000 to Medica, the world's largest medical device exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, to present our cutting-edge research to the world! We are  looking forward to seeing you there!
  • Heat Stroke Can Sneak up on You —— Know for Your Family
    Heat Stroke Can Sneak up on You —— Know for Your Family
    Tragic! A mother passed away from heat stroke as she selflessly gave the fan to her child on a hot summer day!According to a recent news report in Zhejiang, China, a woman in her thirties suffered from severe heat stroke. On a scorching day, she didn't turn on the air conditioner at home and gave the fan to her child. By the time her family realized she wasn’t well enough and took her to the hospital, she had already fallen into a deep coma. Despite of all doctors' efforts, nothing the doctors could do to help.     The weather is heating up, and as the temperature rises, so does the risk of heat stroke. We aren't talking about simply feeling hot, or uncomfortable, or sweating excessively. Heat stroke is life threatening emergency!   01. What is Heat Stroke?   Heat stroke, also known as severe heat exhaustion, is a life-threatening clinical syndrome caused by an imbalance between heat production and heat dissipation in the body due to exposure to a hot environment or intense physical activity. It is characterized by a core temperature higher than 40°C, along with symptoms such as burning sensation of skin, altered mental status (such as delirium, seizures, or coma), and multi-organ system injury.       Heat stroke can be divided into classic heat stroke (CHS) and exertional heat stroke(EHS).It is categorized as classic when it results from passive exposure to extreme environmental heat and as exertional when it develops during strenuous exercise. Exertional heatstroke affects predominantly young and healthy individuals.   02. Epidemiological Characteristics of Heat Stroke       Of all extreme weather conditions, heat is the most deadly. It kills more people in the U.S. in an average year than hurricanes, tornadoes and floods combined. According to data from abroad, the incidence of classic heat stroke during the summer heatwave is (17.6~26.5) per 100,000 population, with a hospital mortality rate of 14%~65% and an ICU patient mortality rate of >60%. Patients with exertional heat stroke accounted for 8.6%~18% of those with heat-related illnesses, and the mortality rate is >30% when combined with hypotension. Additionally, classic heat stroke has a higher mortality rate, which may be related to underlying pre-existing diseases.   03. Prevention Measures for Heat Stroke       04. Diagnostic Methods of Heat Stroke    Medical history information:   ① Exposure to high temperature and high humidity environment;② High-intensity exercise.   Clinical Features: ① Central nervous system dysfunction (such as coma, seizures, delirium, abnormal behavior, etc.);② Increased skin temperature or sustained sweating&nb...
  • Dengue Fever Global Summary
    Dengue Fever Global Summary
        As of November 20 of this year, a total of 52,807 laboratory-confirmed dengue cases and 230 associated deaths have been reported in Bangladesh this year, with a case fatality rate of 0.44%. Although dengue is a common endemic disease in Bangladesh, a surge in cases since June 2022 remains unusual.  Several studies suggest that this year's high incidence of dengue cases is occurring against a backdrop of unusual rainfall since June 2022, accompanied by high temperatures and high humidity, leading to an increase in mosquito populations across Bangladesh.   Dengue fever is an acute systemic infectious disease caused by the bite of a female mosquito carrying the Dengue virus (DENV)[1]. Dengue fever infects approximately 390 million people annually and affecting more than 120 countries, most severely in Africa, the Americas, Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific [2]. The spread of Dengue fever is now spreading to temperate and cold zones and higher altitudes as global warming increases, and the prevalence of serotypes is changing. Dengue fever has become a significant public health problem, and the increasing geographical spread of the virus, the number of cases and the severity of the disease pose a global threat to human health and socioeconomics [3].   1. Serotype   2. Vectors DENV is transmitted by two mosquito vectors, Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus [8]. DENV can be transmitted vertically. Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus prefer temperate climates. Domestic water storage and decorative plant containers, waste food and drink containers, drains, and buildings under construction are preferred sites for Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus to live and breed. One of the current measures to contain DF is to control the DENV vector by eliminating or managing the larval environment and using biological agents and insecticides to kill the larvae [9].   3. Global Epidemiology Resource:Healthdirect   Dengue fever is endemic in many countries in Southeast and South Asia, with incidences occurring throughout the year and showing clear seasonal peaks. Since June 2022, Pakistan has been hit by massive floods. The floods provided a habitat for mosquitoes to breed, and the aftermath made mosquito-borne infections susceptible to outbreaks or epidemics. September saw a surge in Dengue cases in Pakistan, with 19,190 new cases, accounting for 74% of the annual total. Throughout 2022, the cumulative number of Dengue cases in Pakistan has significantly exceeded the level of the same period in the previous four years [10]. The risk of further spread in Pakistan is high due to heavy rains and flooding, which have damaged many health facilities and displaced 7.9 million people. In Nepal, the number of Dengue cases has risen since the onset of the rainy season in July, with 23 156 new cases in September, accounting for 84% of the annual total. In Bangladesh, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare ...
  • Introduction of Getein Biotech, Inc.
    Introduction of Getein Biotech, Inc.
    Please click the video to view the company profile of Getein Biotech
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