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  • 【Getein Science】World Asthma Day——Breathe Well Live Well
    【Getein Science】World Asthma Day——Breathe Well Live Well
    WORLD ASTHMA DAY BREATHE WELL LIVE WELL   Key facts about Asthma Asthma is a long-term condition affecting children and adults. The air passages in the lungs become narrow due to inflammation and tightening of the muscles around the small airways. This causes asthma symptoms such as cough, wheeze, shortness of breath and chest tightness. These symptoms are intermittent and are often worse at night or during exercise. Other common triggers can make asthma symptoms worse. Triggers vary from person to person, but can include viral infections (colds), dust, smoke, fumes, changes in the weather, grass and tree pollen, animal fur and feathers, strong soaps and perfume.   Asthma Care for All Asthma cannot be cured, but good management with inhaled medications can control the disease and enable people with asthma to enjoy a normal, active life. Asthma is often under-diagnosed and under-treated, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. People with under-treated asthma can suffer sleep disturbance, tiredness during the day, and poor concentration. Asthma sufferers and their families may miss school and work, with financial impact on the family and wider community. If symptoms are severe, people with asthma may need to receive emergency health care and they may be admitted to hospital for treatment and monitoring. In the most severe cases, asthma can lead to death.   It's Time for World Asthma Day World Asthma Day was initially established in 1998 by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA). The day was created to promote awareness of asthma as a condition that is increasing. By 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized asthma as of major public health importance. In fact, the WHO estimated that almost 340 million people in the world were suffering from asthma, and that year there were over 400,000 deaths due to this disease of the lungs. Thus, learning more about asthma, raising awareness, and supporting those who have the disease is growing in importance. So now it’s time to observe World Asthma Day!   Getein's care for Asthma Allergic (extrinsic) asthma is associated with immunoglobulin E (IgE)—an antibody generated by the immune system, in this case, in response to a normally harmless substance. Children who have asthma are more likely to have elevated IgE levels than adults with asthma. Given the role of IgE in certain asthma cases, treatment may involve an anti-IgE medication to lower amounts of this antibody and its effects. A blood test to check your levels can help determine whether this may or may not be useful in your case.   With this test item on MAGICL 6000, a fully automatic, high throughput, chemiluminescence product, high detection speed and accurate detection results are guaranteed. Protect health, Getein is always by your side.
  • 【Getein Science】Malaria, Things you should know
    【Getein Science】Malaria, Things you should know
    【Getein Science】Malaria, Things you should know 1. What's Malaria Malaria is a serious disease that spreads when you’re bitten by a mosquito infected by tiny parasites. The mosquito injects malaria parasites into your bloodstream when it bites you. The parasites, not a virus or a particular type of bacteria, are what cause malaria. Malaria can result in serious health issues such as convulsions, brain damage, breathing difficulties, organ failure, and even death if it is not treated. Tropical regions with high temperatures and humidity are vulnerable to malaria. Worldwide, there were 247 million cases of malaria reported in 2021. Most of these occurrences take place in South Asia and Africa. WHO marked World Malaria Day 2023 under the theme “Time to deliver zero malaria: invest, innovate, implement”. Within this theme, WHO will focus on the third “i” – implement – and notably the critical importance of reaching marginalized populations with the tools and strategies that are available today. 2. Malaria Treatment Malaria is treated with prescription drugs to kill the parasite. The most common antimalarial drugs include: Chloroquine phosphate: Chloroquine is the preferred treatment for any parasite that is sensitive to the drug. However, chloroquine is no longer a useful medication due to parasite resistance in many regions of the world. Artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs): ACT is a combination of two or more medications that combat the malaria parasite in various ways. For malaria that is resistant to chloroquine, this is typically the recommended treatment. Youyou Tu won the Nobel Prize in 2015 for her discovery of artemisinin and its combination therapy. Getein’s care Malaria is an infectious disease affecting the world, but the infectious diseases that affect human health are much more than that. Getein has launched a variety of infectious disease test items to protect people’s health, including hepatitis B, HIV, syphilis, and so on. With these test items on MAGICL 6000, a fully automatic, high throughput, chemiluminescence product, high detection speed and accurate detection results are guaranteed. Protect health, Getein is always by your side.  【References】 1. CDC: Treatment of Malaria: Guidelines for Clinicians 2. Cleveland Clinic: Malaria Overview 3. WHO: World Malaria Day 4. IBSA Foundation: Tu youyou, the Nobel Prize for her work on Malaria.
  • 【Getein Animal】Caring For Your Pet Partner
    【Getein Animal】Caring For Your Pet Partner
    -Getein Animal- Caring For Your Pet Partner Animal Diagnostic The relationship between a person and a pet can be either a playmate or a family member. Pets bring us not only a listening ear but also companionship. They bring warmth, sweetness, and happiness to people and are the best partners for them. As the number of pets kept has increased, the status of pets in people's minds and social attention has also changed. This evolution has rapidly upgraded consumer attitudes, leading to a more specialized and refined pet economy. As an essential segment of pet medicine, pet diagnostics has a higher degree of specialization and is developing in the same direction as human medical testing. The market demand is bound to develop along the lines of simplicity of operation, rapid results, accuracy, precision, and sensitivity.  Company Overview Getein Animal Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise established in December 2021, focusing on animal health and quality of life and engaging in research, development, production, and marketing of animal diagnostic medical devices and reagents. As a subsidiary company of Getein Biotech Inc., it sets up a professional R&D team to carry out R&D and registration of animal health-related products relying on relevant technology platforms. As an essential part of Getein Biotech, we pay attention to precision and refinement, innovation and practice, integration, and optimization. We are determined to develop the best team in the field of animal health. The technology platforms involved in the company's products include hematology, colloidal gold, immunofluorescence, and PCR molecular diagnosis. And for the reagents it covers animal infectious diseases, respiratory diseases, digestive diseases, inflammation, kidney injuries, cardiac diseases, anemia, etc. ACE Products Reliable & Accurate Advanced immunofluorescence quantitative technology Provide high-quality testing lnstant Testing Get results in 3-10 min One sample can be tested in 5 sec at the fastest with multiple test items Multi-scene Application Small in size, lithium-ion battery (optional) Support WlFl, convenient data transmission, free of network cables Apply to multiple scenarios Smooth Operation Large display, android system, user-friendly interface Automatic reading of test items Real-time auto-printing and uploading     Sample In - Result Out Compact design & All-in-One system Fully automated nucleic acid extraction → PCR amplification → detection → analysis Quick Test Fastest turnaround time of 30 min or less from sample to result High Throughput Dual-module design,12 test channels Multiple items could be detected simultaneously Room Temperature Transportation & Storage Advanced technology, freeze-dried reagent Convenient and cost-effective transportation Easy Operation Simple workflow Require minimal training and hands-on time   Fast Test, 60 T/H 23 Reportable Parameters 10.4 Inches Touch...
  • Dengue Fever Global Summary
    Dengue Fever Global Summary
        As of November 20 of this year, a total of 52,807 laboratory-confirmed dengue cases and 230 associated deaths have been reported in Bangladesh this year, with a case fatality rate of 0.44%. Although dengue is a common endemic disease in Bangladesh, a surge in cases since June 2022 remains unusual.  Several studies suggest that this year's high incidence of dengue cases is occurring against a backdrop of unusual rainfall since June 2022, accompanied by high temperatures and high humidity, leading to an increase in mosquito populations across Bangladesh.   Dengue fever is an acute systemic infectious disease caused by the bite of a female mosquito carrying the Dengue virus (DENV)[1]. Dengue fever infects approximately 390 million people annually and affecting more than 120 countries, most severely in Africa, the Americas, Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific [2]. The spread of Dengue fever is now spreading to temperate and cold zones and higher altitudes as global warming increases, and the prevalence of serotypes is changing. Dengue fever has become a significant public health problem, and the increasing geographical spread of the virus, the number of cases and the severity of the disease pose a global threat to human health and socioeconomics [3].   1. Serotype   2. Vectors DENV is transmitted by two mosquito vectors, Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus [8]. DENV can be transmitted vertically. Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus prefer temperate climates. Domestic water storage and decorative plant containers, waste food and drink containers, drains, and buildings under construction are preferred sites for Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus to live and breed. One of the current measures to contain DF is to control the DENV vector by eliminating or managing the larval environment and using biological agents and insecticides to kill the larvae [9].   3. Global Epidemiology Resource:Healthdirect   Dengue fever is endemic in many countries in Southeast and South Asia, with incidences occurring throughout the year and showing clear seasonal peaks. Since June 2022, Pakistan has been hit by massive floods. The floods provided a habitat for mosquitoes to breed, and the aftermath made mosquito-borne infections susceptible to outbreaks or epidemics. September saw a surge in Dengue cases in Pakistan, with 19,190 new cases, accounting for 74% of the annual total. Throughout 2022, the cumulative number of Dengue cases in Pakistan has significantly exceeded the level of the same period in the previous four years [10]. The risk of further spread in Pakistan is high due to heavy rains and flooding, which have damaged many health facilities and displaced 7.9 million people. In Nepal, the number of Dengue cases has risen since the onset of the rainy season in July, with 23 156 new cases in September, accounting for 84% of the annual total. In Bangladesh, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare ...
  • Introduction of Getein Biotech, Inc.
    Introduction of Getein Biotech, Inc.
    Please click the video to view the company profile of Getein Biotech
  • 【Operation Guide】One Step Test for SARS-CoV-2 Antigen (Colloidal Gold) (For Self-Test) (Soft Pack)
    【Operation Guide】One Step Test for SARS-CoV-2 Antigen (Colloidal Gold) (For Self-Test) (Soft Pack)
    Getein One Step Test for SARS-CoV-2 Antigen (Colloidal Gold) is intended for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigens in human nasal swab samples. This test is suitable for medical laypersons as a self-test at home or at work.   Please click the video below to watch the operation procedure.    
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