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  • Automatic Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
    Automatic Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
    BBA-300 Automatic Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
    BBA-300 Automatic Clinical Chemistry Analyzer     “No-Wait” Emergency Test Mode  No need of pausing the testing procedure, emergency samples are given test priority and can be tested at any time during analysis. Stable & reliable clinical chemistry test   Highly-Efficient and Convenient Test  Constant test speed of 300 T/h Emergency samples in test priority at any time LIS bi-directional connectivity Automatic test report printing    Multifunctional and Precise Sample Probe  Highly-polished probe Automatic inside and outside probe washing, reducing cross contamination Highly sensitive liquid level detection sensor Actively monitoring reagent volume Protection of probe collision Auto adjustment of sampling depth of sample probe    Sample and Reagent Unit  45 sample positions 90 reagent positions Built-in refrigeration system, continual 24-hour on-board cooling Built-in barcode reader for reagents and samples (optional item)    Reaction Unit  120 cuvettes, can be replaced separately The cuvettes are made of new-type non-crystalline optical plastic with better light transmittance Minimum reaction volume: 150 μL Stable and precise temperature control (37.0 ± 0.2°C) 5-step cuvette Wash Station, thorough cleaning    Stirring Unit  Independent stirring paddle lmported Teflon coating technology Effectively preventing cross contamination    Advanced Operation System  lntuitive user-friendly interface, easy to learn and use Auto sample dilution Auto stopping and warning when reagents or samples run out Calibration with linear or non-linear curves. Multi-point calibration Automatically detecting cuvettes status and screening flawed cuvettes   Technical Parameters   Test Principles Turbidimetry, colorimetry Test Methods End-point method, Rate method, two-point method Test Speed Constant speed of 300 T/h Sample Types Blood, urine, hydrothorax, cerebrospinal fluid Reaction Temperature 37.0 ± 0.2°C (constant temperature) Dimensions Floor-standing: 1060 mm × 660 mm × 1230 mm Benchtop: 1060 mm × 660 mm × 540 mm Weight Floor-standing: 140 kg Benchtop: 85 kg     Floor-standing Benchtop   Test Item     Liver Function TBA, AFU, ALT, AST, ALP, AMM, GGT, TP, GPDA, GLDH, ALB, TB, DB, PA, CHE, ADA, 5’-NT, LAP, MAO, CG, GR Renal Function CRE-E, Urea, UA, β2-MG, CYS-C, MALB, NAG, RBP, CSF Specific Protein and Rheumatism ASO, RF, CRP,  Fer, CCP, Hs-CRP, TRF, RBP, C3, C4, IgA, IgM, IgG Glycometabolism GLU-HK, GLU-OX, FMN, D3-H, HbA1c, GA, LAC, NEFA Blood Lipids and Cardiovascular TG, TCH, HDL-C, LDL-C, ApoA1, ApoB, ApoE, Lp(a), HCY, NEFA, ACE, Myo, Lp-PLA2 Pancreatitis LPS, AMY Venous Thromboembolism and Coagulation D-Dimer Trace Elements and Electrolytes Ca, Mg, P, CO2, Fe, Na, Cl, K, UIBC Myocardial Enzyme CK, CK-MB, CK-MB mass, LDH, HBDH, LDH1 Tumor SA, AFU, Fer, TRF Gastric Function PG Ⅰ, PG Ⅱ      

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