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cTnI——The Gold Standard in AMI Diagnosis​
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September 2021

What is cTnI?

Troponin (Tn) is a complex of three regulatory proteins (C, I, T) that is integral to muscle contraction in skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle, but not smooth muscle. However, TnT and TnI in cardiac muscle are presented by forms different from those in skeletal muscles.

Distribution of cTnI during AMI

When AMI and myocardial cell damage occurs: The free cTnI in cardiac muscle is released to blood circulation first. As myocardial cell damage continues, cTn complex is released to blood as well and is degraded to cTnI, cTnT, TnC.

When to Arise

Detectable levels of cTnI are seen within 4-6 h following an AMI, which normally reach a peak within 12-24 h and remain elevated for 6-10 days.

Clinical Application

1. Specific and sensitive biomarker of cardiac injury.

2. The Gold Standard in AMI diagnosis.

3. The measurement of cTnI in blood is recommended by ESC, ACC and AHA as a standard biomarker for the diagnosis of AMI.

Detection of cTnI can be applied to

1. Diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome (ACS), especially immediate diagnosis and risk stratification of AMI.

2. Observation of treatment effect of AMI.

3. Auxiliary diagnosis of acute myocarditis, unstable angina, and other myocardial damage caused by chemotherapy, radiotherapy, intoxication, etc.

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Matched with Getein1100

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