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2023 Full Year Exhibition Review
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December 2023

2023 Full Year Exhibition Review

In 2023, we participated 11 overseas exhibitions, with our footprints in Asia, Europe, Africa and America. We showcased the latest products and technologies with the world's top companies, and had in-depth exchanges with industry leaders to discuss the most cutting-edge trends and challenges. Together with you, we had witnessed the rapid development and innovative breakthroughs of Getein. Let's review these wonderful moments together and feel the pulse of Getein and the possibilities of the future!


Dubai 2.6-2.9

Medlab Middle East 

Medlab Middle East, operating successfully for 18 years in the MENA region, is a respected annual industry event. In February, we attended Medlab Middle East 2023, from where we kicked off this year's fine collaboration.


Vietnam 5.10-5.13 

Vietnam Medi-Pharm

Vietnam MEDI-PHARM 2023,as the most influential and professional exhibition in Vietnam,  attracted countless scholars and customers to learn about Getein on site.


Italy 5.22-5.24


Our professional team exchanged professional knowledge and products with experts and scholars in Worldlab-Euromedlab 2023, the largest academic conference on laboratory medicine in Europe.


Brazil 5.23-5.26 

Hospitalar 2023

At Hospitalar 2023 in vibrant Brazil, we received enthusiastic attention and countless visitors communicated to learn about our product solutions.


Bangladesh 5.25-5.27

Meditex 2023

At the site of Meditex, Getein Biotech held a new product launch ceremony for MAGICL 6000. The site was crowded and lively, and the visitors were interested in Getein Biotech's heavyweight star product.


America 7.23-7.27

ADLM 2023

During the ADLM, our team actively interacted with visitors, answered their questions and provided detailed product demonstrations. Our analyzer display not only demonstrates our technological power, but also our commitment and contribution to the healthcare industry.


Thailand 8.16-8.18

Medlab Asia

As the biggest exhibition in Thailand, Medlab Asia radiates to many Asian countries, integrating academic and business.  It is a feast that gathers cutting-edge technology and research results, and it is also the second time for Getein to participate in it!


Kenya 9.11-9.13

Medic East Africa

The three-day Medic East Africa came to a successful conclusion. Over these days, we welcomed many exhibitors and visitors from different countries. 


Nigeria 9.26-9.28 

Medic West Africa

As one of the leading professional medical exhibitions in West Africa, Medic West Africa has won the unanimous recognition of international exhibitors, customers and experts. Getein came to this warm land and brought POCT and Hematology series products, such as Getein 1100, Getein 1160, Getein 208, BHA-3000 and BHA-5000 to the exhibition.


Germany 11.13-11.16 


MEDICA’s impact and value lie in the fact that it provides an invaluable opportunity for the global healthcare community to foster cross-border collaboration and knowledge exchange, and to drive advancement and innovation in the field of healthcare. As an exhibitor from China, Getein Biotech shows its advanced technology to the world, and let more and more people know the great technology of Getein Biotech.


Britain 11.16-11.17

London Vet Show

At the London Vet Show, the staffs of Getein on the spot explained the excellent products to the visitors in detail with their enthusiastic attitudes and professional abilities.

From one exhibition to another, we've had an amazing year of showcasing our latest offerings. The feedback and support from our customers and partners have been overwhelming. Getein is committed to the original spirit of "Pursue Excellence and Deliver Health", and will continue to work hard to bring more innovations and breakthroughs to the medical industry.Thank you to everyone who made these exhibitions a success!


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