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The Modern Slavery Statement

This statement is made by Getein Biotech, Inc. The statement sets out the steps that Getein Biotech, Inc. has taken to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in our supply chains or in any part of our business.

Getein Biotech Inc. (stock code: 603387) established in 2002 and headquartered in Nanjing, is a fully integrated in vitro diagnostic (IVD) company that researches, manufactures, markets and distributes analytical medical devices and a broad range of innovative diagnostic test kits.

We engaged more than 1,000 self-employed individuals to provide services on our behalf such as research and development, manufacturing, purchasing, warehouse, sales, etc.

We are committed to the sustainable development of our business in a way that reconciles economic success with the social wellbeing of individuals that are employed by us or are involved in the provision of services to us.

Policies and Contractual Terms on Slavery and Human Trafficking

We recognize our responsibility to be aware of the risks of modern slavery within our own organization and supply chain.

Getein Biotech, Inc. has established a zero-tolerance position on violations to the government anti-human trafficking and anti-modern slavery laws. If we find breaches of these laws within our supply chain, we will look to support companies in their efforts to comply with the legislation.

Our Corporate Philosophy of Pursue Excellence, Deliver Health, are the pillars of our culture. Taking people’s wellbeing as the motivation, we are dedicated to contributing to people’s health and helping people from different countries live a happy and well life.

We seek to treat everyone fairly and consistently, creating a workplace and business environment that is open, transparent and trusted. Our policies and procedures relating to the Modern Slavery Act are in line with our culture and values.

Due Diligence Processes

The implementation of our policies and procedures includes due diligence on suppliers that we engage with, in accordance with our procurement policy.

When we admit a new member firm to the Getein Biotech, Inc., a thorough due diligence process takes place to ensure that the firm has a good reputation with appropriate practices in a number of areas including people and culture. Once admitted as member firms, compliance with global policies is a condition of membership. Some of those member firms provide services to Getein Biotech, Inc.

Risk Assessment and Management

A heightened risk area is the use of hotel and conference facilities. To mitigate against this risk, we assess the companies that we deal with as part of the decision-making process for events and travel.

Key Performance Indicators to Measure Effectiveness of Steps Being Taken

We log complaints received via our ethics hotline system or through other sources, together with the actions taken. To the date of this statement, Getein Biotech, Inc. has had no identified instances of modern slavery.

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