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Cardiopulmonary Diagnosis and Rehabilitation Solution
Cardiopulmonary Diagnosis and Rehabilitation Solution

One-stop Diagnosis + Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Solution

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation can improve cardiac and systemic dysfunction caused by cardiovascular diseases, solve residual disease problems after acute and severe diseases, prevent recurrence of cardiovascular events, and help patients return to a healthy life.


One-stop Diagnosis + Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Solution


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Diagnosis + Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Process —— Laboratory Examination




Test Items:

Cardiopulmonary Biomarkers —— Biomarkers for Heart Failure: NT-proBNP, BNP

                                                           Biomarkers for AMI: cTnI, CK-MB, Myo

                                                           Thrombosis Biomarker: D-Dimer


Applicable Devices




Diagnosis + Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Process —— Cardiopulmonary Evaluation


Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing System




Product Features



Product Usage


  • Distinguish between left and right heart failure, and differentiate between heart and lung dyspnea
  • Objective and quantitative grading of severity of cardiopulmonary function limitation
  • Surgical risk assessment
  • Develop exercise prescriptions for cardiac rehabilitation and respiratory rehabilitation
  • Evaluate patients' activities of daily living

  • Healthcare management of high-risk people, eg. people who suffer from hypertension




Product Usage

  • Evaluate whether the patient can receive a cardiopulmonary exercise test (pre-evaluation)
  • Test patients' safe exercise intensity
  • Determine exertional dyspnea and provide medication instruction

  • Bedside exercise for cardiac rehabilitation




Diagnosis + Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Process —— Exercise Training