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【London Vet Show】——Unleashing Potential: Step into Getein's First Appearance at London
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November 2023

【London Vet Show】— Step into Getein's First Appearance at London



 01. About the event

London Vet Show is a key player in the UK and international veterinary as well as pet care industry, attracting veterinary professionals , pet hospitals, medical equipment suppliers and pet food brands from around the world.

The show helps to promote the development and advancement of the veterinary and pet care sector, advances in veterinary technology and pet medical equipment , as well as contributing to the development and enhancement of related sectors in the UK and globally



02. Welcome to our booth





Time: 16-17th, November

Location: One Western Gateway Royal Victoria Dock London, E16 1XL UK-United Kingdom-ExCel



03. Booth design & Product range



Getein Animal is a subsidiary company of Getein Biotech. At present, Getein Animal has 5 main platforms, including hematology, immunofluorescence, PCR molecular diagnosis, colloidal gold and clinical chemistry. As an important part of Getein Biotech, we pay attention to precision and refinement, innovation and practice, integration and optimization and are determined to develop the best team in the field of animal health. For London Vet Show, we will bring the following products with us and we are looking forward to seeing you there!





04. Preview in advance





To enhance the healthcare and well-being of pets

To provide attentive care for longer companionship

We look forward to seeing every time!



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