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2023 Overseas Business Trip Review
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December 2023

2023 Overseas Business Trip Review

In the past year, we embarked on an exciting journey of overseas business visits. It was a journey full of challenges and opportunities, and we travelled to 42 countries in Asia, Europe, America and Africa, including the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Russia, Thailand, Mexico and Brazil, with 1,767 days of overseas business trips. We not only explored new markets, but also built deep relationships with many partners. Now, let's review this unforgettable journey and share the experience of Getein.



In Asia, our professional team reached Thailand, Bangladesh, Philippines, Turkey, Malaysia and other countries, participated in a series of industry exhibitions and business meetings, and had in-depth exchanges with local entrepreneurs and professionals, laying a foundation for future cooperation.



We travelled to Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and other countries to have discussions with local industry leaders and innovators and share our products and solutions. This visit not only deepened our understanding of the European market, but also laid a solid foundation for us to explore new business opportunities and partnerships.



The visit to the United States, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Mexico and other countries let us feel the pulse of business. The visit not only gave us a better understanding of the competitive environment and trends in the American market, but also brought us valuable market insights and business opportunities.



In Africa, we travelled to Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, Morocco, Egypt and other countries, where we had in-depth exchanges with local entrepreneurs and start-ups, and shared our technological achievements and experiences. This visit not only helped us know more about the African market, but also expanded new business channels and partners for us.


Looking back on the 2023 overseas business trip, Getein is not only thankful for the results we achieved, but also for the growth and enlightenment this trip brought us. We are grateful to every partner and customer. Thanks to their trust and support, we have the opportunity to develop and grow in overseas markets. Their feedback and suggestions are the driving force behind our continuous improvement, allowing us to focus more on providing excellent products and services. We will continue to work on expanding overseas markets and develop together with our global partners.


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