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Getein Biotech Inc. (stock code: 603387), established in 2002, is a fully integrated in vitro diagnostic company that researches and develops, manufactures, markets and distributes a broad range of innovative diagnostic test kits in point-of-care testing (POCT), clinical chemistry, chemiluminescent assays, hematology, coagulation, urinalysis and molecular diagnostics. The company sits on a 10.5 square kilometers science park and is equipped with state-of-the-art R&D and production facilities. We also manufacture analytic medical devices and a variety of biological and non-biological raw materials for applications in diagnostics.



With great contribution of the advanced R&D center and 19-year continuous development, Getein has developed 8 technology platforms including point-of-care testing (POCT), clinical chemistry,  chemiluminescent assays, hematology, coagulation, urinalysis, molecular diagnostics and raw material for diagnostic reagents. Sequentially, Getein achieved BSI ISO13485 Quality Management System Certification and CE Certification, ensuring good quality, stability and reliability of the products.


Getein is one of the most competitive companies in the field of POCT. As a leader of POCT field in China, we are dedicated to researching and developing new products helping people receive rapider and better healthcare test. Valuing the advantage of rapid test, simple operation and high efficiency that POCT brings to IVD industry, we have built colloidal gold immunochromatography and fluorescence immunochromatography platforms and put much effort in our R&D. By now, we have developed more than 50 test kits with fluorescence immunochromatography methodology such as test for COVID-19, D-Dimer, cTnI/Myo/CK-MB, PCT etc. covering fields of cardiovascular disease, kidney injury, diabetes mellitus, gestation, infectious disease, cancer, etc. The market share of Getein keeps in the first rank in cardiac POCT products in China. And currently, we serve over 30,000 hospitals in China and countless hospitals in the world.



With the corporate philosophy of "Pursue Excellence and Deliver Health", Getein always puts scientific and technological innovation in the first place.There are more than 1700 staff working in Getein, 400 of whom work in the R&D Center. Pursuing innovation, Getein spends 20% to 30% of its profit in the R&D Center and dedicated itself to contributing to healthcare industry.



For now, Getein owns 35 subsidiaries, based in the U.S., India and different provinces in China respectively. Another feature of Getein is that we provide customized service and technic support to our clients and have built good relationships with distributors and medical experts in different countries. The international marketing network has been built by subsidiaries and offices of Getein all over the world with products selling in over 120 countries. Until now, Getein has more than 200 products spreading all over the world with intellectual property rights, covering multiple fields including cardiovascular disease,kidney injury, diabetes mellitus, gestation, infectious disease, cancer, etc.


Taking people's wellbeing as the motivation of our continuous development, Getein is dedicated to becoming an international competitive biological technological company and contributes to people's health in the world. That's our commitment to helping people from different countries live a happy and well life.

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